Ep. 112 – Child’s Play 2

It’s sequel time, scaredy cats! Today we have the privilege of watching Don Mancini’s 1990 evil doll followup: CHILD’S PLAY 2. But first, Dave tells us about Art the Clown in TERRIFIER, and Chris talks about Drew Goddard’s 2018 flick BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE. Then we really get into it, and talk all about killer clowns, HATEFUL EIGHT, dolls getting married, incantations, anatomically correct dolls, foster parent qualifications, head explosions, plastic biology, toy factories, foster children friendships, ceramic scams, sewing machine misfires, and even duct tape knife hands. So grab your favorite drink, sit back, and enjoy a super fun new episode of the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!

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Ep. 111 – Creepshow

Welcome back to the podcast, and welcome back to horror anthologies! Today we’re watching George A. Romero’s 1982 anthology: CREEPSHOW. We sing a new verse of our anthology song, talk Andrew Lincoln’s kill count in Walking Dead, and get hyped for a big-budget George A. Romero/Stephen King collaboration. In appropriate fashion Dave tells us about reading Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’, and Chris talks about the 4K restoration of John Carpenter’s THE FOG. Then we get into it and talk all about knots in headphone cords, TRICK ‘R TREAT, Dave’s aversion to insect sounds, MOUSE HUNT, cockroaches, plant growth effects, Stephen King’s acting, Savini’s big budget effects, waterlogged prosthetics, head-cake reveals, wooden arctic expedition crates, and more! So relax, grab a weekend drink, and enjoy another great episode of the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!

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Ep. 110 – Suspiria (2018)

Ohh its a big one this week, scaredy cats! Today we’re watching Luca Guadagnino’s 2018 remake: SUSPIRIA. We’re super excited to talk about all things SUSPIRIA, NEON DEMON, the could-have-been David Gordon Green version, the classic bat, and the hype surrounding Tilda Swinton’s characters. Chris tells us about Mario Bava’s BLOOD IN BLACK LACE, Dave raves about Shudder’s PRIMAL MIRROR, before chatting about childhood fears, ‘The Lorax’, and even a little Star Trek. Then we really get into old-man makeup, changes in mythology, head explosions, dance sequences, witch powers, broken legs, theater technical issues, color reversal, the new score, shocking twists, Tilda Swinton’s performances, and so much more. The hype is real, so get out and see SUSPIRA if you haven’t yet. Then enjoy a huge new episode of the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!

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Ep. 109 – Candyman

Welcome back scaredy cats, to a brand new, super sweet episode! Today we’re watching Bernard Rose’s 1992 classic: CANDYMAN. We talk about what eating candy is like with and without a stomach ulcer before Dave tells us about seeing THE ROBBERY at TADFF, and Chris talks about HOLD THE DARK by Jeremy Saulnier. Then we get into it and talk all about Philip Glass’ score, HELLRAISER, Clive Barker, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Tony Todd’s bee-sting deal, murals, steak salad, industrial sets, rottweilers, honey baths, how to do a NOES sequel, gross bee sounds, bloody hook-hands, fur coats, intelligent slasher protagonists, academic rivalries, burning hair, bee allergies, adrenaline shots, GHOST STORIES and scary stage plays. It’s a super long episode, so grab a drink and if you dare, say the name of your favorite horror podcast five times- the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!

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TADFF 2018: Overlord, Lifechanger, Mega Time Squad, You Might Be The Killer, The Ranger, The Inhabitant

Toronto After Dark Film Festival has come to an end, so we’re bringing you some more reviews on the rest of the great movies we saw this year:

Mega Time Squad
You Might be the Killer
The Ranger
The Inhabitant

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Ep. 108 – Halloween (2018)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year scaredy cats! Today in a humble tribute to the season we bring you David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s 2018 super slasher: HALLOWEEN. We start off with a chat about Jamie Lee Curtis, THE PATRIOT, ignoring sequels in a franchise, actors’ last films and humor in horror. Then Dave tells us about watching HE NEVER DIED on Netflix, and Chris talks about Mike Flanagan’s series ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. But then we really get into it and talk all about theater audiences, trailer spoilers, Michael’s face, bowls of custard, long single takes, throat stabs, well written teenage characters, slasher tropes, killing kids vs killing babies, Michael Myers’ nature, and Jamie Lee Curtis’ pride in the movie’s message- before we get chased out of the theater by a crazy alarm! So enjoy HALLOWEEN, and then enjoy another great episode of the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!

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TADFF 2018: I’ll Take Your Dead, Anna and the Apocalypse, I Am A Hero, Prospect, Prey, Tigers are Not Afraid, Satan’s Slaves

We are at Toronto After Dark Film Festival and have some quick reviews for you on the films we’ve seen so far.

I’ll Take Your Dead
Anna and the Apocalypse
I Am A Hero
Tigers Are Not Afraid
Satan’s Slaves

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Ep. 107 – Mandy

Welcome back scaredy cats, it’s a brand new episode of the podcast! Today we’re watching the 2018 phantasmagoric 80’s period piece: MANDY. We chat a little bit about our MOM AND DAD letdown, and a desire for a ‘litres of blood used per movie’ statistic. Chris tells us about the drug trip flick CLIMAX at TIFF, and Dave talks about Shudder’s sniper-spree: DOWNRANGE. Then we really get going and chat all about MARTYRS, cenobite-looking baddies, cartoon dreams, spaced-out action sequences, HATCHET 3’s chainsaw, slow motion, A+ Cage Rage, bathroom scenes, ANTICHRIST, hallucinogenic wasps, and of course, Cheddar Goblin. So check out the newest Cage adventure, and enjoy another great and bloody episode of the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!

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Ep. 106 – Upgrade

Welcome to October scaredy cats, it’s time for a brand new episode! Today we’re watching Leigh Whannell’s 2018 action flick: UPGRADE. We’re buzzing with excitement for the best month of the year and get things started by chatting about HALLOWEEN, Logan Marshall-Green vs Tom Hardy, Leigh Whannell’s origin story, SAW 2, and a potential rewatch of FRIDAY THE 13TH. Chris tells us about Edward Furlong in BRAINSCAN, and Dave complains about DON’T HANG UP. Then we really get into it and talk all about some insane camera movement, alternate uses for STEM, colored lighting, distribution and presentation of technology, STEM’s ninja status, James Wan easter eggs, stellar physical acting, the struggle against technology, the game ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’, and much more. It’s a jam-packed episode of your favorite horror movie podcast, the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!

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Ep. 105 – Sleepaway Camp

Welcome back scaredy cats, it’s the FIFTH and final episode of our Slasher September! Today’s classic slasher is Robert Hiltzik’s 1983 lake-side killing ground: SLEEPAWAY CAMP. We get the ball rolling with a chat about YouTube movie spoilers, THE BROOD, and child actors. Dave raves about the high kill-count in HATCHET 3, and Chris tells us about ducks vs cats, and Argento’s THE CAT O’ NINE TAILS. Then we open up and talk all about final reveals, kids at camp, twist endings, terrible camp counselors, comeuppance, acid bees, acting freak outs, jean shorts, off-screen violence, and we even rank all five of this month’s slashers! So grab a drink, put your feet up, and make sure to check out ALL FIVE episodes in our Slasher September, here on the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!

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