Like many spontaneous and often over-ambitious ideas, The Texchris Davesaw Massacre was casually conceived over a few drinks between two acquaintances at a group gathering one evening. The topic of horror movies came up that night in the blissful pre-election autumn of 2016, and quickly the conversation grew into a many headed beast—the urgency of inquiring whether the other had seen a certain title or was familiar with a certain director persistently (yet welcomely) cutting short mounting unfinished discussions.  As we were quickly made aware of the finitude of the evening, the need for a regular space to facilitate these kinds of discussions and interact with others who were also hooked on horror was made clear, a space where we could dig our hands into the dirt of the genre: to dust off and show one another the gold we knew lay there, check out titles we have been putting off for years, and discover treasurers we didn’t yet know existed.

One year in and with over 50 episodes now out, our growing and interactive following has transformed our podcast into a community. We bring fellow ‘scaredy cats’ into discussions in each episode, and learn from them as much as we learn from each other (and our last minute research prior to screening). Each instalment of the podcast revolves around a single title, recorded before and immediately after we watch the film. The dynamic of each episode varies depending on whether one, both, or neither of us is familiar with the movie, but the immediacy our of reactions right after watching the film together is what gives our podcast its particular character.

We watch it all; whether classic or contemporary, paranormal or psychological, slasher or sci-fi, creature or camp.  Conversations carry across episodes, opinions develop and change across time, minds are blown and disturbed, and sometimes, without warning, songs are sung. Every Saturday, listen to Chris and Dave get together to day drink and carry on the conversation we started on that night many full moons ago. Join the rest of us scaredy cats if, like us, you can’t get enough discussions about horror movies.

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