Ep. 086 – Kairo (Pulse)

It’s time for the pulsecast, scaredy cats! Today we watch the 2001 Japanese horror creep-fest: PULSE. We get the ball rolling with a chat about a fear of technology, Y2K, and turning off JU-ON halfway through. Dave tells us about 2004’s CREEP(a different CREEP), and Chris talks about Canadian Film Day and watching BLOOD & DONUTS. We tease a potential HEREDITARY screening, and talk about how effective the trailer was. Then we get into it and start discussing themes of loneliness and isolation, spiritual worlds, red tape, mould stain ghosts, 90’s computers and hardware, jump scares, unique body movements, effective use of sound, the ghost apocalypse, and unintelligent main characters. All this and more, on another creepy episode of the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!


About The Texchris Davesaw Massacre - Horror Movie Podcast

Horror Movie Podcast! Join Chris & Dave`s weekly ramblings about their favorite movie genre, one bloody film at a time. On iTunes and wherever else you get podcasts.
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