BONUS EP! – The Cloverfield Paradox

Today it’s all about J.J. Abrams’ surprise release on Netflix: THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX. A Super Bowl gift to us, paid forward to all you scaredy cats. We chat about CLOVERFIELD’s marketing history, its sequel strategy, and Bad Robot’s relationship with Netflix. Dave gives a vague recap of the previous movies, and Chris tries to roll SUPER 8 into the universe. We talk about cliche sci-fi tropes, EVENT HORIZON, monsters, the arm, and both get confused more than once. So grab a drink, kick back, and listen to us try to figure out the brand new Cloverfield story, in a great BONUS episode of the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!


About The Texchris Davesaw Massacre - Horror Movie Podcast

Horror Movie Podcast! Join Chris & Dave`s weekly ramblings about their favorite movie genre, one bloody film at a time. On iTunes and wherever else you get podcasts.
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