Ep. 036 – Blair Witch (2016)

Happy Julune scaredy cats and welcome back to the podcast! After a brief hiatus Chris and Dave get back together to record, and they have so much to talk about that they forgot to choose a movie! First, we politely decline an invitation from a fan to join the Illuminati. Dave talks about watching Die Antwoord’s new horror short, and rewatching the Collector, while Chris returns from a Dario Argento binge, and gives us his findings. We reveal our personal Top 5(ish) Lists for 2017, and then finally decide we’ll watch Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett’s 2016 flick: The Blair Witch. We’re silent for most of the movie as we get sucked in, and then the conversational floodgates open! Enjoy this week’s adrenaline-pumped episode of the TEXCHRIS DAVESAW MASSACRE!


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